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Harm Dodenhoff

Harm Dodenhoff
Partner, auditor, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann


Professional History

1982 - 1986 Studies of Business Administration, University of Hamburg
1986 - 2017 FIDES Treuhand GmbH & Co. KG and FIDES Revision KG
since 1991 tax advisor
since 1995 auditor
since 2001 auditor for quality control
since 2017 auditor and tax advisor with own company
since 2018 Partner at Möhrle Happ Luther

Main practice areas

Annual audits for public sector companies, hospitals, non-profit-organizations and medium-sized enterprises
Special Audits




Harm Dodenhoff
Partner, auditor, tax advisor, Dipl.-Kaufmann
Phone 040 85 301 - 0


Capital Market

IBOR-Reform –