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Legal Advice


Attorney-at-law Guido Gemoll has been deployed as a trustee in bankruptcy by Hamburg's local courts since 1998 during which period he has processed approx. 1,500 independent receivership proceedings for the local courts in Hamburg-Mitte, Hamburg-St. Georg, Hamburg-Barmbek, Hamburg-Altona, Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg-Wandsbek, Hamburg-Blankenese and Hamburg-Bergedorf. The properties involved in receiver-ship concern various forms of real estate. Management objects have included apartment building sites, shopping malls, hotel sites and even childcare facilities as well as entire housing complexes and individual housing units.

Invoices in the receivership proceedings in dealings with courts and parties to the proceedings are limited to the bare essentials (which are basically the same as the tasks performed by management of a condominium community, e.g. accounting, preparing service charges etc.) and, coupled with the respective reports, provide a swift overview of the status of the respective receivership proceedings. The legal enforcement of claims in the respective leases – whether commercial or residential leases – as well as comprehensive contract design for commercial properties are also everyday tasks completed by our firm.

The tax problems associated with the respective receivership proceedings can also be handled in-house and across various firms. Experienced clerks and an additional attorney-at-law are available in the back office.

Contact persons for Receivership

Guido Gemoll

Partner, attorney-at-law

Marc-Christopher Hausch

Attorney-at-law, LL.M. (Münster)