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Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Möhrle Happ Luther advises and represents companies and entrepreneurs.

The legal framework conditions for our clients are constantly subject to change and at an increasing speed. We help our clients to meet the ensuing challenges. We stand for quality and speed when it comes to handling our clients, whereby personal contact between each client and the contact person is important.

The combination of several decades of experience and ongoing training forms the basis for our activities. One essential addition is represented by the close ongoing exchanges between our focal areas, not only in the legal sector, but also with the tax advisors and auditors from our company.

Apart from professional and personal competence, we also focus on what is practically possible. Sound legal advice, an intuitive approach to negotiations, practical expertise and knowledge of the sector are things we take for granted. Our activities are also distinguished by assertiveness coupled with an ability to deal with contract partners, the authorities and courts.

Contact persons for Legal Advice

Henning Anders

Partner, attorney-at-law

Dr. Sebastian Bednarz

Partner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in commercial and trade law

Dr. Lars Bohlken

Partner, attorney-at-law, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Guido Gemoll

Partner, attorney-at-law

Simon Golshan

Partner*, attorney-at-law, LL.M. (Haifa)

Dr. Wilhelm Happ

Partner*, attorney-at-law

Dr. Ulrich Koops

Partner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer

Dr. Andrea Kröpelin

Partner*, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in employment law

Rüdiger Ludwig

Partner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in commercial and corporate law

Julia Luther

Partner*, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in intellectual property law, LL.M. (Edinburgh)

Dr. Martin Luther

Partner*, attorney-at-law

Dr. Frauke Möhrle

Partner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in commercial and corporate law

Dr. Tobias Möhrle

Partner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer

Dr. Ulrich Möhrle

Partner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Dr. Sven Oswald

Partner, attorney-at-law, advokat (Sverige)

Oliver Reimann

Partner, attorney-at-law

Jens Scharfenberg

Partner, attorney-at-law, auditor, tax advisor, specialist in tax law, certified advisor in international tax law

Andreas Walter

Partner*, attorney-at-law

Dr. Patrick Zeising

Partner, attorney-at-law, specialist in employment law

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Creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit and an outstanding understanding of our clients’ requirements are factors which we regard as of equal importance as excellent knowledge of all relevant legal areas.

Dr. Patrick Zeising

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How we work


We develop tailored concepts and design models in multidisciplinary teams that are always headed by one of our partners.


We design our processes effectively and develop solutions which swiftly lead to results.


We operate in a forward-looking manner and actively examine possible optimizations for our clients.